Along with the portal, we are now publishing monthly newsletters with news and information useful to all of you! These newsletters will be uploaded monthly alongside the toolbox talk. This month and past months of 2021 have been busy for everyone at Act Now. There are many big jobs coming up including the AGL job at Gaythorne RSL is being completed by the solar crew and after that is finished at the end of the month, the boys are heading to put a solar system on Infinite at Zillmere down the road.


Portal Feedback

Last toolbox talks the new staff portal went live and there was subsequent feedback from that, which is what we need to improve the usability of the portal. We would like the portal to be easy to use for everyone. One set of feedback was to be able to upload receipts separately but all at the same time. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this with the current website set up however, Tracey has said that you all can upload Motorpass receipts in one big photo. If there is any more feedback, it would help greatly to maintain ease of use in the staff portal. In addition to this, when uploading photos. Ideally cropped photos with blank background as they need to be printed, and the background wastes the ink on the printer. Thanks.


Social Media Update

Recently you would have noticed on ServiceM8 that there have been requests for photos for social media. If you could all, please participate it would help a lot as the company really wants to expand on social media. Just one thing, we would like some photos of you guys doing stuff, as well as photos of solar systems, newly installed fans, lights etc.  There is a reward for the best photo every month. Make it a competition of who can take the best photo and whoever takes the best will be rewarded!


AS/NZS Standard Changes

As spoken about in the toolbox talk, there is an update on the AS/NZS 3000 Electrical Installations, Wiring Rules. There has been a second amendment release for you all to read, and you can find this in the portal under resources. These changes will impact our solar technicians and inspections in the areas around; drilling into switchboards and cabinets only permitted where there is a gland plate, switchboards cannot be adapted to fit a new breaker if no space is available (must cut into submains, install a new DB, isolator, breakers etc.). Again, must have a read of this as it applies to current works and is required of all of you.


Please make sure to leave all your tools that need to be tested and calibrated in the warehouse after the toolbox talk as test and calibration is happening tomorrow on Saturday.